As it was Filmed, so shall it be Written



For those of you who prefer your Kiwi Space Patrol adventures in book form, I am into about chapter eight of Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank [The Novel]. It was started a couple of years ago as part of the Kiwi Writers “Bang out a Novel in a Month” contest in which I was soundly beaten by Lindsay Mutch who was coming into work and crapping on about how he’d pounded out another 5000 words overnight. Well,right up till he got a fatal chest infection.

I kind of lost any enthusiasm then. Truth be told, all his stuff is better than mine AND by the looks of it, he hardly ever edited it. Rotten, gifted bastard. There you go folks, great talent is no shield against the scythe of the reaper.  Hopefully I will get it printed in some form to go with a novel he wrote a number of years ago. It was about ghosts and rats and an ancient demon. 

Anyway, SAMBT should be done within three months and then I will format it for distribution, maybe as a pdf and/or via Amazon for the Kindle et al. It won’t cost a penny, but its value shall be great.






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