SAMBT resources and stuff

The stuff you need to know about for the production of SAMBT. And sex with goats. Sorry about that, goat sex is not on the agenda.

What is, is some bits and pieces that Alistair Hughes has mocked up.

The first is a series of designs for the Kiwi space patrol with a kiwi wearing a space helmet, and if that isn’t enough, a ray gun. (I think more is the new less).

Shoulder patch designs

Also, is this interesting tank design that Mr Hughes based on a commonly found, and fearsomely fiercesome insect what rhymes with feta.

Draft design for SAMBT

Yes, it is indeed sweet. A slightly different design.

2 responses to “SAMBT resources and stuff

  1. the moon boots and the helmet make the kiwi awesome.
    also i could probably embroider that on the shirts if we want it. if the image is simple and clear

  2. have to agree with Gemma on that one. The kiwi is a great idea. I’m also loving the tank designs, not quite sure which one I like more though *hmmm* are you doing them as miniatures for the shots, or bigger?

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