Screenscribe Film Reviews

The old Screenscribe himself, Philip Wakefield, has given me a crapton of Blu Ray disks to review. It was either me, or the Happy Valley tip. It’s just lucky for me I live on the way.

I shall spend the next seven or eight years getting through them all, probably in time for the third or fourth remakes, reboots or reconceptualisations to hit the market.

All opinions, comments, farts, snorts and tiny slices of wisdom, wit or insight are mine. Mine I tell you. Well, some of the better ones are probably somebody else’s but only if I can get away with it. And from now on all the reviews will be in the main body of the blog. Because I am crap at managing pages. But I will try and add a few goodies to what appears on Screenscribe here with each review. It will be a blend of total link baiting and worthwhile, life enhancing goodness.

First up for reviews is Big Ass Spider! from 2013. There are worse movies about giant spiders.
And I include a screen shot of scantily clad volleyball players as I am a big supporter of the empowerment of female sports stars. And I don’t think Mr Wakefield would run it as he is a man of taste and discretion.

Unfortunately several of these volleyball players were killed in the filming of this scene. But not really.

Unfortunately several of these volleyball players were killed in the filming of this scene. But not really.

Now one of the best things about BAS! is the opening scene which is a thing of fine-ness. First because it is just goes against every other opening scene of monster movies in tone, and because the music by Storm Large is just perfect. Here is that scene, and below is a link to a couple of pieces of her music. One of the clips is a bit pervy, and the other is her being kind of raunchy in bits. Not judging, just warning.

The opening sequence:

And the Storm Large version of Where is My Mind (slightly risque pic edition):

And her doing her live thing. With a Jim Steinman song!

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