Collar designs

These are the collar designs based on the designs on the hoe at Te Papa.

See what you think. Gemma thinks there is a case for different collar colours denoting rank, which makes sense.

Here are two that Alistair has done. Muy Bien, Bruce, as they say in Cairo.

This is Collar 1. While it is indeed spifftastic, I think the uniform for the tank crew will be black. Not that that makes much difference but I think a white border would be good to delineate them.

Below is collar 2.

2 responses to “Collar designs

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  2. Awesome collars. I look forward to strapping one on. I’m sure there’s the potential to use this design somewhere on our web site too… oh, that’s the web site I need to get off my lazy arse and actually build first. It seems I require nagging so feel free to give me shit for taking so long about it.

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