Shoulder patches

Right, I pinched the original idea off some RNZAF sticker of a kiwi with a taiaha, and substituted it for a raygun. Because this is in space. Pure genius.

I envisage it going on a black uniform so perhaps they could be ringed with silver but that’s in the future a bit.

What I want from you aesthetes is a preference for who likes what. I am not bound to take any comments on board, but I am a wise and generous soul who will listen to you as long as you say what I wish to hear.

Patch One

Patch two

Patch 3

3 responses to “Shoulder patches

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  2. i like the one with the K*S*P kinda looks a little more official but the image could stand alone.
    the colour is awesome. i love it

  3. Scrooge McJohn

    I like patch number two, too, because it rhymes with KFC and we could franchise a line of self-barbecuing kiwis with ray-guns and eleven secret herbs and spices! Space kai!!

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