Hi. Because I am an idiot and unable to master the rudiments of sticking an email on the blog proper, I have put this here so people may contact me.

It is (using the cunning plan of not using the @ sign to avoid the joys of spam, bu which of course you will have to use, without any spaces):

billobyrne at

and then I shall get back as soon as I can.


Bill O’Byrne

2 responses to “Contacts

  1. Martin Harding

    I have only been in the site for 2 minutes and I love it already ! The colour, the Space Cadets, the self-deprecation !
    It takes me back to Palmerston North, some rambling old house and some Catholic woman (Allanah??) who had re-written the Lord’s Prayer to de-sexist it.

    I will return. That’s if I ever leave !


  2. Your site seems to be more up to date than mine, however I have a New Years Resolution to change that – so watch that Space !!

    Had a thort – why not Sci-Fi with a bent towards some of the more influential figures in present day Sprituality ? – eg Eckhart Tolle – Power of Now or Antony de Mello – Awareness ? – Sci Fi as a device to change Global Consciousness ? – just a thort mate !!

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