Kiwi Space Patrol Crew

For our sins, most of the KSP crew reassembled last weekend to shoot a 5 minute film for the V48 Hour Filmmaking competition.
The gods gave us the genre of Musical, and we came up with Savage Tron Love Wrongs, which was a musical interpretation of an unhappy episode Liz had with a man whose name starts with C.

If I had checked that Ulead 11 could handle high def footage before finding out that it actually can’t, thereby condemning Cormac to editing it all in three hours, it may have been better than it was. It certainly would have included the key money shot of his tongue giving what-ho to Cath Morrison’s tonsils. (Well done Cath, brilliant acting and solid gag reflect control). Alas, that is somewhere in some folder languishing. It hindsight it seems a basic kind of preparation, but it just seemed to elude my planning schedule, which as with most things, means grabbing everything five minutes before Go Hour and saying it’ll all be fixed in post.

Anyway, the Saturday was a long day and everyone dug it in and provided some great shots.
Ali Murray and Millie Wilson were there too, Millie doing makeup, Alison as runner and painting a large obscene message on my back lawn, in the name of art, Gemma Crouch-Gatehouse, Aaron created the sock puppets, and there was Shane Wilson, Janet Glenn, Chris Nixon, with Liz Cossar singing the song to the music written by Max Apse. Ask me about checking audio recording gear as well, one day. Steven Qian did a fab job of creating printed props, and Cormac was awesome in his mullet. All we needed was Alex T. next time, should there be one.

Rough cut version that it was I think the outro could have been dropped. The V competition stipulates certain elements be included in it, and we did the required freeeze frame but I think it would have been better left on Cath’s face by the sea.
I’ll post a link when we YouTube it. In fact, we’ll probably do the show cut, a Cormac cut, and my version. For no other reason than to flog this dying horse.

Of the 10 movies shown at the premier’s last night, I think ours was in the middle of the pack. A couple were obviously beaten by the time limit. Janet liked Baddass, which was a clever take on the body switch gentre, and it probably was the slickest and most entertaining.

We didn’t get many laughs. I blame the audience.

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