SAMBT script. Well, most of it.

Here is a link to a text file version of the full script for Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank.

Not everything in it appears in the finished product (bits calling for special effects, model work, high class acting, for example) and not everything in the finished product had a script.  (For instance, the flashback stuff with Cormac and me cutting the wires and injecting the flooby gooby stuff in episode 11 were pretty much ad libbed to pad out the time.)

Red or blue man, red or blue? I can't tell, the whole fucking flashback's in black and white.

For those who have downloaded Celtx (the link is amongst the other links I think), the Celtx-formated script is here.

We didn’t do a lot of adlibbing so most of it is all here. There is one bit that I added later and even shot, but forgot to put in, and it was after the Commander got hit by the Hoolie Doolie spear.

It turns out that as the result of a treaty settlement for the taking of minerals from their planet, their protest attacks were to only use non-lethal spears. “But they still hurt if they hit you in the nuts”, the Commander was to have said.

The other ad lib was during the flashback after the spear attack when Cormac does the hot teaspoon thing on Alex after talking about the rusty trombone. (By the way … about 18 takes because one of them laughed every time the words “rusty trombone” were said. Unbelievable). That came from a game Corm played with Paul Banks and Adrian Holland when they flatted together. I never got tired of watching them do that to each other.


Copywrite for the script is all mine, mine, mine, bwahahahahahahahaha. 



Bill O’Byrne  2010. 




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