Au Contraire

This weekend (ending today, August 29)  is the Au Contraire Science Fiction convention in Wellington.

Due to circumstances involving random generation of events, I ended up on a panel yesterday talking about amateur film making with Peter Friend and Norman Cates.

My contribution was minor, being but to go off on weird gibbering tangents to whatever was being said. But it was also good to watch some of the vids that Mr Friend and Mr Cates had. for some of Peter’s bits vids.

Also in attendance was costume designer Gemma as she had been at the previous panel on Cosplay and I was happy to show off a couple of her SAMBT costumes.

PLUS! I had burned about 15 dvds of all the episodes and I think I got rid of 14. So if you were one of the lucky attendees at that panel, you have a rare, numbered and signed special collectors edition. I think they went up to about number 44.

A lady came up to me afterwards and picked one of them up off the table. (I shan’t do her German accent) and she said in as friendly a way as you can say the following statement:

“This is free because it isn’t very good?”

I didn’t have the heart to disappoint her by saying, No baby, it’s free because it’s Frikkin Awesome!!! So we just smiled together. Then I stole her purse.

Nice con. I have been stricken bya virulent Man Flu and unable to see much but its like all the best cons –  loose, friendly and a crapton of events.  You gotta love fandom!!!

One response to “Au Contraire

  1. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you around the con (having missed your panel on account of facts) – get well soon!

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