Cormac hit me.

From right, Commander Lex, Gunner Gossamer, and Sous Chef Bill as Bubble Boy.

Again and again and again. We were shooting the final scene for episode nine last night, it was late (well, 7pm) and I wanted to get home to see the new Dr Who.

I mentioned we didn’t have much of a cliffhanger ending (which is what we know everyone is waiting for) and Cormac lamented he hadn’t been able to smack me around, as is his manner. So we combined the two in a way which we hope will find general acceptance among our small, but dedicated, crew of watchers.  Episode nine. Boobs AND whackings. You heard it here first.
Here’s today’s mailout. Another for the ages.


Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank

Episode 6: Sconed By Bryce

 In which Bryce’s full photonic artillery barrage shakes loose some cannage carnage upon our heroes. Or at least the three members of the Kiwi Brains Trust. Luckily, the KSP is always prepared. For the other thing that never happens …

Chris Nixon plays Dobbo, the Australian Robotic Service Enterprise’s online tactical help. Luckily for KSP, he’s helping Bryce the Destroyer.

 And due to general doltage and running late due to the newest Dr Who starting  last night, I forgot to plug Celtx in the credits. Great  free scripting software. Really. Herebe the link.

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