Why making even a crap movie with no crew can be a nuisance

Yesterday (April 29, 2010, for those seeking a timeline for the historical record) I had to do some pickup shots for the Scone in a Can falling on my head.

The one below we shot on Sunday last, but I didn’t like the framing.

Scone in a Can. The new taste sensation.

So I called upon Steven to do the shots in the secret studio lair. It was a relatively easy thing to drop cans onto my head. I hasten to add Steven dropped the can with enthusiasm and accuracy. I, alas, forgot to dress the set with the flashy light thing we use. Of course by then he’d gone back to work and so I got back in my uniform, and tried to film myself as I tossed the can in the air and tried to get my head under it. Funnily  enough the body rebels when it is suggested that gets under a falling weight, even a lightened can with only a rock in it for heft.

I will let the results speak for themselves in Episode 6.

Everything gets fixed in post production.  Bill.

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