Anzac Weekend 2010

Not a shutter was shatted this weekend due to various family responsibilities and the time being to remember our service people, and not just the bar staff.

This was the mailer for Episode 5. Allegedly our best yet. Well, I allege it is, and I should know.


Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank

Episode 5: Spear a Thought

The hot teaspoon gag. Invented 13 seconds after teaspoons were.

 Whay the hell happens in this episode? Lots and lots and lots. There’s slapstick, flashbacks, plot exposition, fun with mashed potatoes, even an incoming photonic artillery attack.

It is also when we bid farewell to Uber Commander Shane Wilson who has acted the rest of us off the screen one too many times. Unless …

 And because the Au Contraire Science Fiction Con folks were super awesome mega kind enough to give us a link, here’s one to them. It’s on in Wellington in August. There’s a video competition as well, which may be another chance to whore SAMBT.

For those wondering where we got the snappy animation credits at the end, that’s for the very wonderful, and amazingly free, Celtx pre production and scripting software. All the way from Newfoundland. Yep, just like the big doggies.

Great for theatre, comics, movies, and whatever the hell this stuff is.

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