Now that’s what I call movie model magic

As can be seen from the accompanying screen grabs, we did our model shots on the weekend at the old quarry site at Red Rocks. These shots show the Hand of God (ie Cormac) setting up the mobile model shot for the Mark IV Battle Tank. By setting up I mean he pushed it along the ground with most of his fingers outside of the range of the camera’s unblinking gaze. There was an unfortunate suspension failure which put an end to that particular escapade, but not till the invaluable footage was in the can.

The Mark IV Battle Tank with special Giant Hand attachment.

This shot shows how amateurish and silly model shots can look before undergoing the rigorous and exacting post production we do on all of our special effects work, which you will see in the next exciting episode.

The Mark IV, right, readies to unleash its hellish barrage against the stolen Mark XVII.

And my I say that even getting to the smallish ridge on a very, very windy day carrying model tanks, camera gear, a plastic box full of junk and a stinky hangover probably makes us cinematic legends. Of course, a moment’s inattention or a loose, critical rock, could have got us into the Dominion Post’s dickhead of the day section. It’s what we do. Even if we shouldn’t.

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