For the archives …

These are the invites that were sent out for viewing on Monday.

I suppose I could more time and effort into them, but why break the efforts of a lifetime.

Anyway, Cormac edited episode 6 yesterday and it is looking, well, just like episode five, but with an extra numeral built in. Episode three unveils the acting glory of Shane Wilson. Seeing as Mr Wilson is a teacher at St Pat’s in Wellington, that should boost our viewership up by as many schoolboys who want to see their teacher say “fuck” on youtube.


Episode Two: Tanked Up 


 Considerably shorter than Lawrence of Arabia, more moving images than War and Peace (the novel, not the movie versions) Episode 2: Tanked Up is now online for 4 minutes and 19 seconds of roller coaster action. As long as you view it while riding a roller coaster. Otherwise it’s three guys in a cheap set on second hand car seats.


Episode One: Farquiddity Base

 In which our heroes begin their hunt for Bryce the Destroyer who has stolen the Kiwi Space Patrol’s only Mark XVII Battle Tank.

 Watch as they set out on 13 (or so) epic episodes to bring Bryce to justice, and the Battle Tank home so the Greymouth Hospital Detoxification Unit isn’t repossessed by the finance company.  

Along the way they’ll deal with shoddy sets, turgid special effects, continuity lapses, poorly focused and badly-lit scenes, ill-tempered aliens and, of course, Bryce.

But no matter what happens, there will always be a chance to smack Sous Chef Bill around. At least until he gets his scone mix right.

 Tune in every Monday morning for your exclusive chance to see another exciting instalment of Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank.

 If you don’t watch it, you won’t see it!!!

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