Episode 3: Spear me the Details

Actually, it could be Spear Change. I was trying to be witty with the episode names but completely lost track of what was happening in each one.

So there is a brief shot of a spear in this.  But I am not going to be too doctrinaire about headings. For instance, I don’t have anything for Episode 5 which Cormac edited last weekend.  Maybe something like Space Boobies from Planet Zorbatron will do.

Anyhow, this is how the publicity email went.


Every Episode Three of every mega low budget Wellington Internet science fiction series ever shot includes cheap incoming visi-screen messages and an off-screen character called Spanners. It is kind of a rule of cinema. This Episode 3 is no exception.

Watch as special guest star Shane Wilson acts the rest of us off the screen with his own particularly brilliant channeling of Shane Wilson as the Uber Commander, and all is revealed as to the slight lack of military abilities of the SAMBT attack crew. And then there are the aliens getting closer, as they invariably do …


(If you are having problems getting the vid to play when you click the episode, just roll your mouse over the viewing screen. Well, technically it’s the visi screen. It should load then. This easy-to use-functionality is brought to you by Australian Robotic Service Enterprises. And Microsoft.)


The latter bit refers to the quirkiness Corm has had getting the viewing screen to work with Internet Explorer. People have to click on the episode name and then move it over. As is obvious to everyone, he has pulled his hair out trying to get it work but technology, and A.R.S.E have conspired against him.

Episode 7 is shooting today (Sunday, April 11).  I should have a deep, throaty voice due to a chest cold, which no doubt will add to my smouldering allure. I shall try not to cough phlegm up on camera …

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