My life as a tortured artist

You might think being a tortured artist involves being waterboarded by Ewoks, but in fact it more aptly describes sorting through the nightmare which passes for the state of the episodes. So I got up at 4am and did a couple of hours making sense of what I had done, and rewriting an entire episode that I had somehow lost.

Still, it did teach me the value of the index card system which Syd Field mentioned in his book about screenwriting. There is also an index card system built into Celtx but I am more content using my little pad of paper with scraps floating around the room. It has worked for me till now.

So I have posted episode two into the pages. It’s called Episode Two. It lives here.

More to come as soon as I sort out where some of the small bits of paper have drifted to. And the Blake’s Seven thing is purely for the benefit of Eric, who is spending too much goddam time watching it. It’ll eat you up and spit you out, man.

One response to “My life as a tortured artist

  1. Damn those Ewoks! They are such liars! I shall have to have a word with them . . . after I read Episode Two of course.

    Does this make me a groupie? My father wouldn’t approve but, alas, he’s dad, sorry, dead.

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