Men in dressing gowns

Well, I was hassling Mr Alistair Hughes this week when he was busy – and I should have been – demanding in no uncertain terms that he be at my beck and call for the designs of the shoulder patches of the Super Mega Awesome Battle tank crew.

I thought this being a cinematic endeavour, I would send him this wee message with its Kane pun.

Allow me to recreate the email.

I’ll be wanting those graphics soon, my boy. Or there will be nose blood.



And then Mr Hughes had the brazen cheek to reply with this.

That would be Mr Hughes on the left. The 3 metre tall person.

Needless to say I continued to hassle him until we had to undergo a 15 round death match. I think it speaks volumes about who won when you can go to a page with a selection of shoulder patches to gaze upon.

That would be here.

Tell me your pics. There might be a slight variation on one more to come but I am too scared to ask Al to change it for me. If anyone else would like to, that would be super.

2 responses to “Men in dressing gowns

  1. This if from Gemma (it wasn’t showing up though it was, of course, approved.)
    I like the one with the K*S*P kinda looks a little more official but the image could stand alone.
    the colour is awesome. i love it

  2. Tis is from Scrooge McJohn (also because his original post wasn’t coming though)

    I like patch number two, too, because it rhymes with KFC and we could franchise a line of self-barbecuing kiwis with ray-guns and eleven secret herbs and spices! Space kai!!

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