Finally, the glorious content

Okay folks, something to look at.

Uniformatage is the page where a few ideas about the uniforms goes, while the other page has a couple of designs for the SAMBT and some badges which are based on an RNZAF squadron insignia. (In this case the Kiwi has a taiaha.)

Also, because we are a visual monkey species, I have put in a pic from Dark Star, which was hugely influential because I was told by people who were smarter than I was that it was really important, and because I saw if for the first time at the Welcon Science Convention at the Hotel St George in about 1979BC.

And it really is an important movie, except for the beach ball alien, which sucked, but was necessary for theatrical release. (No prizes, but kudos for working out who the people in this scene are. Hint – Alien, Halloween and Honey I Inadvertently Sexed the Goat Up. )

Dark Star command centre

One response to “Finally, the glorious content

  1. the image looks really cool, very 80s sci-fi I’m loving it. cant wait till we start moving on it!hurrah

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