Three more costumes. Well, maybe four. Actually, all up, I think it’s eight …

This week has been focused on getting the costumes for SAMBT pushed along the line a bit. I had been a bit fixated on the three guys in the SAMB tank, but I realised that a bit of thought, which is about all I have any more, should go into the ancillary characters. There is definitely the waist-high shot of Commander Josh, and the torso shot of Bryce the Destroyer. (My rationale behind that is that I don’t want to devote a lot of time to makeup. And/or it adds a mysterious brooding menace to the character to never put a face to him. )

There could be an upper torso shot of three full Kiwi Space Patrol infantry guys, based on Alistair’s drawings. They’re only needed for a throwaway joke, but could be good way to get the costumes for KSP underway.

The other one is for Uber Uber Commander Liz, who would have a fearsome cleavage, for a joke that would last an entire episode of SAMBT.

There were two ways to go with him, I thought. One is to Klingon him up with a suitable suit of something armourish and big gauntets covered with studs and chains (probably a shelf item at Mr Fabuloso’s House of Leather) or we could go corporate pin stripe, OR we could do corporate pinstripe WITH some big, mean gauntlets.


Luckily, Gemma emailed saying:

“Ha ha I just had an image of a pinstripe suit with studded shoulder pads it was awesome! Metal grunge will also be good. but it depends on the character.

I’m linking the sound of a senior senior commander with cleavage…. if the actress is a similar size to me i have a victorian corset that gives you killer cleavage.”

Anyways, Alistair, you know what I said. I said draw costume designs with boobies. It is a get out of jail card, should they query what you are doing while you ride the rails drawing cleavage pics, to say that Bill said it was ok.
That rests the case for the defence, your honour.

Anyway, Uber Uber Commander Liz should also have some decent sized epaulettes. In fact, I was looking for something of a woman’s military dress uniform and I found this pic by Marla Rutherford which is pretty much what I had in mind. In terms of visuals …

Photo by Marla Rutherford

We could replace the Red Army-ish collar dogs with the Southern Cross ones Alistair came up with, put on a high collar with the kowhaiwhai pattern and bigger epaulettes. (French for “little shoulder” from épaule, meaning “shoulder”, in case there is nothing else of value in this post.)

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