Designing moves

Word on the Net has it that blogs are usually updated at least once a month. Well, that makes this the one for May.

Alistair Hughes, who has come up with some interesting designs for the Super Mega Awesome Battle tank (along ways I never envisaged), has just had a move at the DomPost, going from creative services to being a graphics artists for the DomPost proper. So well done that man. It’s bad news for him as I only have to haul my sorry jacksy up one flight of stairs, rather than the previous four, but he has the handy benefit of having the pit of fire vipers and the caged hounds to defend him, these being the new DomPost editorial management minders.

I have just received a grab bag of software for the editing and special effect, so the next step will be to buy a super computer to run all that. Will take an extra lotto ticket for that.

Am revising the first few scripts and will post these as soon as I learn how to do that here. But fear not, I shall be in contact shortly with alotted tasks.

On a completely separate thing, friend Eric, along with his young colleague Oliver, are getting involved in some music videos. I have offered my free services as general lackey, loper and coffee boy, anyone who is interested in seeing this sort of thing should probably get in contact with Eric.

This is his email if you want to do the whole vid experience. Did I mention it is unpaid? But as they say, what price experience!


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