This is where it all starts.

If you are reading this, you are working on Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank the Internet vid. Or, you were extremely bored one night and thought, “I wonder if anyone else has thought about doing an Internet movie about a luckless, hapless, clueless Kiwi Space Patrol crew in a Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank because I really have a good idea for that,” so you googled “Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank”, and you’ve just gone “bugger arse buttocks” because now you know I have already lodged the script with the New Zealand Institute of Copyright and Big Scary Sticks, with the protection that only a New Zealand institution of copyright protection consisting of 2.5 equivalent full time workers and a goat called Reggie can provide.

So sorry about this, but if you are in fact one of the team working on it, well, welcome.

This is to the resource for the scriptwriting bits and bobs, an update on how things are going, links to the other members of the crew and 37 million links to porn which should really get the Google ad revenue going.

As of today I haven’t a lot to report. But I do promise greatness. Perhaps not for anyone involved with this, but I promise it is out there.

Check out the links for that.


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