Episode 10 out.

Before I put in the mailout that went this morning, (the photo today featuring Commander Alex Tashkoff just after reciting the immortal phrase: One sausage, with delicious tomato sauce.)

… I just want to emphasise again the stunning work put into the costumes by Gemma.

Here is the Super Uber Commander’s jacket, fashioned from a mess waistcoat from Comrades, with little frilly bits added.

Of course, a costume ain’t much doin without some actor or actress inside it.

The final product, with Ms Elizabeth Cossar. (Note the well placed barbecue light behind her which provided something of a halo effect. Not visible is the flickering amber light provided by my pushbike light and which is currently doing a sterling job acting as a car magnet on my bike.)


The mailout for Episode 10 – Sausage Fest.

Under a constant bombardment from Bryce the Destroyer the intrepid crew of the Super Awesome Mega Battle Tank find time to turn upon each other in savage emotional outbursts as the Commander continues on his own Super Awesome Individualised MIssion to end it all with the quick application of force to    ………………………….      Big Red.


 PS:  June is the “write a novel in a month” thingy hosted by the kiwiwriters website. Register, and write. Free free free, and a good discipline for getting out that novel which demands lurkage.

I shall be spending the month novelising the screenplay of SAMBT which will then be offered absolutely free. The line forms to the right …



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