Solid Gold Silver

Here is the reason that episode 9 has gone gangbusters.  In fact, as I write, it is perilously close, in a good way, to overtaking episode one as our most-watched.

Super Uber Commander Nala Vres.

Now, let us count the ways of crapness evident in this shot taken of us by Emma Allen and which was thankfully not used in The Wellingtonian. Not through any fault of Emma’s, but due purely to our usual high standards and attention to detail.

We salute the god of acting. We just don't want to have anything to do with it. Alex, right, has the cool helmet. Cormac gets the middle cool helmet, and I get the hat I stuck a shoulder patch on with uhu glue.

I think the jeans are a bit of a giveaway, as are the horribly irregular forms of saluting going on. I sentence all of us to boot camp and some good Kiwi Space Patrol discipline. Preferably after I am dead. My corpse is happy enough having a go though. I’ll vouch for its sincerity.

We don’t generally salute.  It was in the script, but like many things in the script (mega intergalactic space battles, sweeping vistas of foreign planets, life and death struggles between mechanised titans of death) it somehow never got done. One of those oversights that occasionally happens.

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