A tribute: To Rob Riggle

This is here because I reviewed the Blu-ray version of 22 Jump St for Phil Wakefield’s Screenscribe site. For that scintillating piece of cinematical reviewership, go here.  http://www.screenscribe.net/

An now to the extras.

Rob Riggle is one of the 17,000 people who currently rule much of the global media after breaking out on  Saturday Night Live.

rob riggle

He is not to be confused with Patrick Warburton who played Puddy on Seinfeld.


If you do mistake one for the other, this is unlikely to ever be socially embarrassing as the odds of you meeting even one of them are so remote it makes more sense to start saving now for the engagement ring to put on Mila Kunis’s finger after you steal her away from Ashton Kutcher.  If you are a heterosexual female reading this, I can’t even start to think of any similarly  unlikely scenario that might apply to you. But it would have to be pretty bloody unlikely. And if you’re a gay guy, well, I guess you can aim for Ashton. You can see where I am going. Down the gurgler.

Anyway, this is a tribute to The Riggle.  First up, if you have just watched 22 Jump Street without watching 21 Jump St  (and really, don’t, as there are many, many linked gags)  this scene from that makes sense of much which is to come about prison, man-ginas and the like.  (Little exposition is needed except to say Mr Walters was the bastard phys ed teacher at the school Jonah Hill and Tatum Channing were infiltrating in 21.)


Ok, so it’s a bit high-brow, but I respect you as an audience.

Next up is Riggle in 22 Jump St when Hill and Tatum go to him for some advice about a case.  Shot in a real jail, the guard behind them was the actual warden. Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller said it was a pointless and terrifying waste of time and they resolved to always shoot prison scenes on a set in future.


If you watch the Blu-ray extras, you’ll see how much of this was Riggle ad-libbing.  It’s very funny. And only mildly wildly obscene.

And now, a bit from him in one of the great movies of modern times,  Step Brothers. This is a deleted scene. God knows why, it only adds to the greatness. And it explains the true importance of the Catalina Wine Mixer.


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