Final death battle

Last night [being the now-hallowed 10th of June] was the final night of what shall be rather grandly called principal photography.

It was a chance to unveil one of our hitherto secret weapons … the mighty, and mighty goddam hairy torso of Alex Tashkoff.  He wanted to go Bruce Lee on our arses, and I said that was acceptable, if rather tangental to the rest of the plot, if he would unleash the beast within. Actually, it is pretty well on the outside as well, as you can see here.

Afterwards the crew, sans Janet who was at some poncey deputy principals’ dinner, went to the General Practitioner’s to congratulate one another for another damn fine night’s work. Mr Tashkoff and Mr Cossar talked about metaphysics and things of a higher philosophical plane while Mr Qian and myself engaged in the conversation with bon mots as they were appropriate. Or something completely unlike that.

Episode 12 is out Monday, and Episode 13 a week after that.

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