The official website is up and going brrmmmm

Cormac’s hard work on the website is there for all the universe to see at

This is our main site for viewing the episodes and the outtakes and whatever other crap is to be seen.

The rather cunning plan used here is that the gentle viewers watches via the viewing frame embedded on the site.

The two advantages of this are that it keeps the screen size from getting too big (embiggendness is always a bad thing when the focus puller has astigmatism), and hopefully the cool graphics that Steve Qian has done around the screen rub off subconsciously and add to the viewing experience, leaving people thinking they’ve just seen something a lot more impressive than they did.

Well done those men!

OK, Episode 1 is up Monday, March 29. While it is the worst so far, it is also the longest. Surely that averages out a bit …

One response to “The official website is up and going brrmmmm

  1. just watched episode one. hooked.

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