Ready, set, kinda go-ish

set  November 1 2009

The set as at November 1. The ducting was Corm's idea, which he liberated from the Fairfax Warehouse of crap, the walls were painted thanks to a bucket of the stuff found in my garage (Thanks Mr and Mrs Cordalis) and Corm also made up the consoley-thingies from cardboard and glue.

All Soul’s Day. Also Richard Soles Day. Not so popular a religious festival.

The set is taking shape. There is a plasma ball to go under the big light shade, a couple of lcd screens to go in, but it pretty, sort of, ok and once the A/V stuff is in and proven not to be a death trap, we can get to work with that filming stuff which is suppose to be important. I think we’re at least up to Blake’s Seven on the crapometer scale, so that’s nice.

blakes ducting

To be honest, Blakes 7 does have a slightly better piece of ducting than we do. But our desk is cooler.

One response to “Ready, set, kinda go-ish

  1. Gemma Crouch-Gatehouse

    Looking good.
    and if you wana win like Blake you gotta make it shiny!!
    mind if the new star trek taught us anything Lens flair for the win.
    keep up the good work and i’ll make sure to bring the shirts tomorrow

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